What is

Hitsbook Studios?

Producing company dedicated to devolping advertising and entertainment formats, multiplatform, created 100% from user generated content (UGC video).

Original and high impact content
With low production and acquisition cost
Multiplatform and transmedia
Great interaction and engagement with your audience

How do we do it?

A multiplatform digital content with high engagement

that the users take advantage of to go viral with the messages and the notoriety of the brand.

We develop the most suitable format according to your strategic objectives
We activate your target audience within our community of video creators (Hitsbook.com) to get high value content for your format
We manage the reception of videos and their complete cession of rights through our pioneering technology (Hitsbooksolutions.com)
We select the best moments of the videos recieved and after a creative postproduction work, we produce your format

Benefits of UGC content


You can offer your audience original and high impact content


High quality (often in HD) thanks to users' mobile devices


In addition to a low production / acquisition cost


Being able to customize the visual appearance of the content with your corporate image


To generate greater interaction and loyalty from your audience

Our types of formats

Production of branded content projects

We develop branded content projects that transmit the DNA of our clients in a different, entertaining and organic way. Fresh and fun video content that helps multiply the reach of campaigns.

Canned UGC content formats

We have multiple content formats of different themes already published (in Spanish, Latin Spanish and English) and ready to be issued based on UGC content made by users.
Addictional Service:
Personalization of the content to the client´s brand image.

Simple programs based on UGC

We put at your disposal our technology and our community to develop simple formats based on UGC content made by the audience.
Addictional Service:
Editiong of the content and complete management of the program.

Advanced formats based on UGC

We develop multiplatform entertainment formats, always based on UGC content, where we combine the exposure offered by television with the interaction that the digital medium allows.
Formats that natrually achieve the diversion of the audience from online to offline and vice versa.

Type of format: canned UGC content

Hitsbook Talent

Hitsbook Talent’ is a series of clip content, produced and edited 100% by Hitsbook from the content available on our platform, which are distributed through the VOD system available on all the seats of the company ALSA Bus.

A clean, fun, fresh and different content, which also does not expire, with which makes the experience of traveling with ALSA much more pleasant.

Type of format: Simple programs based on UGC

Nickelodeon Videostars

‘Nickelodeon Videostars’ is a social action launched by the Nickelodeon children’s channel and produced by our partner Lucky Road  to raise awareness among the kids about environmental conservation, healthy living, equality and bullying.

Upon these causes, there were 4 musical themes and video clips that were produced with the objective that the audience of the channel would record themselves making their own versions. Participating was as easy as uploading the videos to the iframe of Hitsbook enabled on the Nickelodeon website. With the best moments of each week, clips were created to distribute on the official social networks of Nickelodeon, Youtube channel and On Air.

Type of format: Advanced formats based on UGC

Selfie Show

Selfie Show is the first television program created with content generated exclusively by the user. Produced by our partner Lucky Road, it has two seasons of 13 episodes that were aired on Boing, the Mediaset Spain channel intended for children.

A transmedia product that has achieved the diversion of audience from online to offline and vice versa, and has managed to not only involve the target audience of children, but the whole family. A great example of how to turn your audience into the protagonist and to get to be much more than just a television program. Reaching more than 5,000 uploaded videos with a total of 1 million views and 2.5 million page views.

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